How to Troubleshoot Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Below are simple tips and tricks on how to troubleshoot portable Bluetooth speakers:

My portable Bluetooth speaker can’t turn on though it’s connected to power

In such situation, you need to do the following:

  • Check whether there is power from the socket output
  • Make sure the adapter is plugged properly in the socket and confirm if the charging LED light is ON
  • Check whether the adapter is effective and in good shape; there could be a possibility that your Bluetooth speaker may not be receiving power from mains.
  • Disconnect it from the charging unit and try to power it on. The portable speaker could have shut down to protect it from overload.
  • Use original charging cables supplier by the Bluetooth speaker manufacturer

In case it doesn’t power on, then other probable causes could be a faulty charging system or battery. Therefore, you have to contact an authorized dealer for advice.

Don’t open/dismantle the speaker since this will invalidate your warranty.

Bluetooth speaker has suddenly stopped streaming music

Normally, this could be due to several reasons such as:

  • Speaker shutting down to protect it from overload
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection may be out of reach; ensure you don’t exceed the recommended connection distance
  • Check the Bluetooth pairing settings of your device
  • Turn off other devices that use Bluetooth near you; they could be pairing with the portable Bluetooth speakers
  • Check the volume of your speaker
  • Ensure the two devices have enough charge – portable Bluetooth speaker and the device. Remember, most smartphones can turn to power saving mode, hence, switching OFF other functionalities such as all wireless communication systems.

The portable Bluetooth speaker doesn’t produce any sound despite successful pairing

Here is all you need to do:

  • Speaker volume could be too low so you need to check the Bluetooth speaker settings.
  • Check the volume of the device you’ve paired with the speaker
  • Reset the speaker by turning it OFF and ON
  • Confirm that there is no interference from other sources and if there is any, be sure to switch them off; normally, there are some electromagnetic waves that can interfere with the Bluetooth signal.

There are connection problems between the portable Bluetooth speaker and the device

At times, you may experience several issues such as the two devices connect and suddenly disconnect. Or, the device cannot pair completely with the Bluetooth speaker.

In such cases, here is what you should do:

  • Reset the speaker by turning if OFF and ON
  • Check the Bluetooth settings in your device to confirm whether it is set to discoverable
  • Clear all the listed Bluetooth devices on your device and begin the search again
  • Ensure Bluetooth is ON in both the speaker and device

By going through these four procedures, I am sure you can restore the connection to the right settings.

Basically, these are the most common problems you’ll experience while operating a portable Bluetooth speaker.

From my experience, quite a number of individuals only focus on enjoying the benefits of Bluetooth speakers. They ignore a fundamental aspect they ought to do whenever they acquire these accessories – Read the Bluetooth Speaker Manual.

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