Features of Top Selling High Capacity Power Banks

There are quite a number of high capacity power banks available in the market with different ratings from 10,000mAh to over 30,000mAh. The good news is, with such power banks, you don’t have to worry about your phone running out of charge.

For instance, you can find a power bank that can charge a tablet or a smartphone more than 6 to 7 times.

So, what’s so unique about these power banks?

The truth is that one distinct feature that differentiates these power banks from the others is their battery capacity.

Other factors such as safety procedures, how to care for power banks or even design may still remain the same.


This is a high capacity power bank by Vin Technology.

Some of the key features I’ll focus on are:

Type of Batteries for High Capacity Power Bank

Well, as I had indicated earlier, the battery capacity may range from 10,000mAh to over 30,000mAh. However, even with such a high capacity, a major concern should be the efficiency.

How much energy is lost during the conversion process within the power bank?

In addition to this, another critical aspect is the type of battery in the power bank. In the today’s power bank manufacturing industry, we have two options:

However, I’d like to state that, even though the lithium polymer power banks are more expensive than the lithium ion power bank batteries, they come with quite a number features that guarantee safety.

Weight of High Capacity Power Bank

Weight is a major concern whenever we are talking about high capacity power banks. First, I want to state that power banks with lithium ion are heavier than those with lithium polymer.

Second, the unit weight will also depend on the type of material. Remember, power bank manufacturers can choose from aluminum alloys to ABS, with others made from composite materials.

On average, depending on the design and specifications, you should expect a high capacity portable power bank to weight between 150 grams to 500 grams.

Power Bank Technologies

The technology may vary depending on what the power bank manufacturer would wish to achieve. For instance, they may have a special circuitry protection for overcharge/discharge, short circuit, input/output overvoltage.

Furthermore, the overall design of the power bank may be scratchproof, dustproof, drop resistant or shockproof. Another important technology that has revolutionized the industry is the quick charge 3.0.

Normally, adopting a specific technology will depend on the performance expectations of the manufacturer.

Number of USB Ports

Although it’s not imperative, quite a number of high capacity portable power banks have 2 or 3 USB output ports. This implies that you can charge two devices at the same time.

Whenever you’re using such portable power banks, you need to know the maximum current output of from each USB port.

Even though high current output ensures fast charging, it is highly recommended for devices with high capacity batteries such as iPads or tablets. This implies you should know the rating of your device’s charger.

However, there are those manufactures who have adopted a smart sensing technology. That is, once you plug in your device, the power bank automatically switches to the appropriate charging current.

In short, a high capacity portable power banks should offer convenient, stable and safe charging process.

At Vin Technology, we have a wide range of high capacity power banks with varying configurations and designs. Whether you need our standard options or custom designs, we offer competitive prices with reasonable MOQ.

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