External Battery Pack Tips: Learn How to Care for Your Power Bank

I know we all desire to own a high quality external battery pack that can be cycled 300 to 500 times, but still remain in good condition. The truth is that power bank manufacturers use high quality components to ensure safe and consistent operation of these accessories.

For instance, they use high quality lithium ion/lithium polymer batteries, besides having certain protective circuitry. Furthermore, they design and manufacture all portable power banks to the international standards.

But, why do some power banks last for only a short period of time?

It is because quite a number of individuals do not take good care of their power banks.

A high capacity power bank by ivintec

A high capacity power bank by Ivintec

In this article, I am going to share with you some important tips on how to increase the service lifespan of your power bank.

How to Take Care of a Power Bank

Tip #1: Do not use the power bank when it is still charging. Let the power bank attain its full charge capacity first before using it for any purpose.

Using the power bank to charge other devices while connected to the mains will cause overheating. This will reduce both performance and lifespan of the portable power bank significantly.

Tip #2: Do not subject a power bank to extreme weather conditions. That is, it should not be in extremely hot or cold environments.

Remember, stable environmental conditions will definitely increase service lifespan of your power bank.

Tip #3: Never disassemble the external battery pack. You’re likely to damage the power bank and your warranty will be invalid.

Furthermore, the chemicals in the power bank may cause harm to your body, leave alone the possibility of an electric shock.

Tip #4: Always go for the branded or original power banks and use genuine chargers. You can do this by sourcing for these portable power banks directly from the original manufacturers.

I know at times, you may get discouraged by the high price of the original accessories of the power banks. The truth is that they are worth the investment.

Remember, low quality and cheap cables or chargers will not deliver the recommended voltage, hence, a high possibility of damaging the power bank.

Tip #4: Do not leave the external battery pack for long without charge even when you’re not planning to use it. Remember, you should store the power bank with at least 50% of the full charge capacity.

Whenever you store a power bank when fully drained, there is a high possibility that its lifespan will reduce significantly.

Even if you don’t intend to use it, be sure to charge the power bank once a month.

Tip #5: Always keep your power bank dry.

I know there are water proof power banks. However, this does not imply that you can leave the power bank with moisture.

Tip #6: Never subject the power bank to unnecessary impact such as dropping or hitting it. You’re likely to cause physical damage to both the external and internal components.

Tip #7: Never overcharge the external battery pack. I know the modern power banks come with various protective circuits.

Normally, after using this accessory for some time, you can’t be sure whether this protective circuitry is still effective. Therefore, the only way to keep the power bank safe is to avoid any possibility of overcharging since this may cause overheating.

Tip #8: Ensure the power bank is compatible with your device. That is, you should check the input current since this may vary from 1A to 2.1A, depending on the model.

By doing so, you’ll ensure that the external battery pack can produce sufficient amount input current. In most cases, you’ll find that advanced power banks have dual USB ports.

Failure to observe this may lead to the deterioration of your battery.

As a rule of thumb, you should read the portable power bank user manual to know the correct operating procedure. This is one aspect that most people ignore yet it is critical.

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