Bluetooth Speakers Review: Top 7 Bluetooth Speakers to Consider in 2017

For years now, Vin Technology has been designing and manufacturing Bluetooth speakers. The company has invested in many Bluetooth technologies besides adopting strict quality control (QC) standards.

Basically, our Bluetooth speakers are UN38.3, CE, FCC, UL & RoHS certified. This implies that OEM partners in the global marketplace benefit from the unlimited opportunities from Vin Technology.

I know Vin Technology has thousands of Bluetooth speakers in the market. However, for the purpose of this Bluetooth speakers review, the main focus will be on top 7 speakers you can consider for your OEM business.

These speakers include:

1.     Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker (Model: VB315)

If you’re looking for household Bluetooth speakers, then I can recommend model VB315. It weighs about 3.58 kg and comes with a Bluetooth V4.0.


A Bluetooth speaker

Depending on the unique requirements of customers, this bar comes with at least 8 quality speakers. Each speaker is about 40mm with a low frequency radiator.

It is made of ABS and PC material, with the main colors available being gold, silver or black. There is a mesh that protects the speakers from possible damage.

The speaker comes with a power cable, remote control and audio jacks, alongside a user manual. It has simple and robust design and thus, can withstand rough handling during most outdoor activities.

2.     Portable Bluetooth Speakers (Model VB304)

Are you looking for portable and lightweight Bluetooth speakers?

Well, the VB304 speakers are round speakers made from ABS material with a small mesh. They feature a distinct base from where a metal clip for holding the speakers is attached.

With this clip, you can conveniently attach the speaker to your bag or cloth.


Bluetooth Speakers with a clip

All these portable Bluetooth speakers weigh 170g and they come in green, blue, black, pink and red. OEM clients can opt for unique colors depending on their business needs.

Equipped with a 350mAh battery, you are guaranteed of 3 hours working time. They have a Bluetooth V2.1 technology.

Basically, these are cost competitive, portable and durable Bluetooth speakers.

3.     Fabric Bluetooth Speaker Design (Model VB318)

In case you’re looking for unique designs of portable Bluetooth speakers, then the VB318 is a perfect example. Combining silicon, ABS and special fabrics, this Bluetooth speaker is uniquely identified by stunning design and appearance.

It comes with a small strap, which you can attach to a tent or bag during any outdoor activity. With a 4.1 Bluetooth and a lithium battery of 300mAh, you’ll be guaranteed of fast pairing and superior battery saving features.


Bluetooth speaker with a strap

This is a lightweight speaker that weighs only 97g, available in grey, black, blue, green, purple and red finish. OEM clients can also opt for designs that meet their unique business models.

4.     Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (Model: VB305)

Model VB305 Bluetooth speaker is lightweight and waterproof. Weighing only 150g, these Bluetooth speakers feature a special material that neither absorbs moisture nor water.

It is a perfect choice for bathrooms.

Besides, the easy to access controls that are located just on top of the speaker, making it easy to operate.

It features a V2.1 Bluetooth technology with a 350mAh battery. You can stream music for more than 2 hours


A waterproof Bluetooth speaker

These speakers have a wide range of colors such as yellow, black, blue, pink and green, with custom options available. Also, the design is uniquely identified with a distinct transparent base, which helps the speaker to maintain its position even at maximum volume.

The main material here is mainly ABS, PC and mesh.

5.     Stable & Durable Bluetooth Speaker (Model: VB 308)

This Bluetooth speaker has a sleek design, round corners and circular control button at the top. Therefore, the VB308 Bluetooth speakers guarantee exemplary performance that cannot be compared to any speaker in the same category.

The main materials here are ABS and PC.

It has two speakers at the extreme ends fully protected with a mesh. Again, depending on customer requirements, these speakers are available in blue, black, red, silver and many more.

This speaker weighs only 340g, with a 2600mAh battery capacity that takes 4 hours to attain a full charge. Besides, it can stream music for more than 8 hours.


Stable and durable Bluetooth speaker

The speaker comes with a V2.1 Bluetooth technology with dimensions of 200 by 68 by 55mm.

6.     Bluetooth Speaker Model VB 310

A close look at VB310 Bluetooth speaker shows a durable and sturdy design. The speaker measures 177 by 58 by 56 mm and weighs about 480 grams.

It is mainly available in either gold or silver.


A durable and sturdy Bluetooth speaker

Unlike the VB 308, this Bluetooth speaker has rectangular control buttons that are located on its upper section.

It has a Bluetooth V2.1 technology, with a 2600mAh battery capacity. Implying, you can charge it for 4 hours and stream music for more than 8 hours.

Like other Bluetooth speakers, the VB310 is made from ABS, PC and mesh.

7.     Mini Sound Bar Bluetooth Speakers (Model: VB316)

Bluetooth speaker model VB316 is a perfect alternative for people who cannot afford to buy model VB315. This is a mini sound bar made from ABS and PC material with a mesh to protect the speakers.

Featuring a 2200mAh battery capacity and a V4.1 Bluetooth technology, this mini sound bar guarantees long hours of streaming music.


Mini sound bar Bluetooth speaker

This mini sound bar measures 270 by 50 by 50 mm and weighs 470 grams. It has easy to access controls on at the furthest end and it’s available in gold, silver or black.

This Bluetooth speakers review features only a few of our designs. Here is a complete list of all our Bluetooth speakers.

Again, you should remember that all our speakers are compatible with most Bluetooth devices and the connection distance is ≤10m.

You can contact us today to know more about our Bluetooth speaker products.


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