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The total of 8,000,000 product pieces we have produced, if laid end to end, would add up to equal 11.3 times height of the Himalayas.

5 year experience
260+ skilled staff
8’000’000 pcs produced
15.2 Pieces per minutes



Our 260+ skilled staff work and produce advanced equipment, working efficiently at all times for fast delivery, high quality production to meet customer’s growing demand.

We have the deep knowledge and dedicated workers you need for a fast turnaround on your products. We maintain a responsible attitude at all times to earn the customer’s trust. Businesses not only trust us, but they also count on us to service their consumer and earn that end user’s trust as well. We hold ourselves accountable to deliver the highest quality product in the shortest time possible.

We have excellent systems in place to ensure we meet our customer’s expectation. We train our staff to treat every process with a responsible attitude. Our product engineers train staff in production knowledge and teach them how to determine which matters need attention. We make sure all staff understand the meaning of every process, how to improve the production speed, and how maintain phenomenal quality. Meanwhile we have an excellent system of rewards and penalties to guider every staff to do the correct things.

Our staff members learn quickly and well how to finish projects perfectly as they deliver our orders one by one. We aim to satisfy and delight our customer every time.

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